Our understanding of the industry allows AMPD to provide customized technology infrastructure specifically for game developers and publishers. From the workstation, to the on-site and off-site development infrastructure, AMPD works with developers to design and deploy technology specific to both the studio and the game.
Development Technology
From the largest teams to small indie developers, AMPD has solutions designed to make development easier, and more cost effective.

We take into account all the technology and middleware being used to develop the game as well as the team size, development methodology and pipeline. This enables us to provide technology infrastructure to build studios from scratch or solve specific problems associated with each individual project.

The Online Development Environment, ODE™, helps remove risk by giving developers a place to truly test how a game will perform when it is deployed online.

A fully integrated test and dev environment enables developers to predict how a game will perform when gamers actually play it. This allows studios to iterate during the development of the game while keeping in mind how it will perform live, saving time, money and mitigating risk.