AMPD's experience in the game industry allows us to work with developers and publishers to help design, plan, deploy and manage game technologies. Our team engages with clients early on in the process to help to build a plan that works for each project, and is there to provide dedicated support that is familiar with each solution.
Engineering Services
AMPD has the experience, the knowledge and the resources to help you architect the right solution for your game.

We will work with your team to make sure that you are developing, deploying and running on an environment that is custom designed to provide maximum performance at the right cost.

  • Our engineering services ensure your studio and online environments maximize valuable development resources.
  • Our solutions include all the supporting documentation illustrating the architecture and how to support it moving forward.
Development Environment
The AMPD Online Development Environment ODE™ is specifically designed for developers to be able to simulate a live online environment during the development of the game, and for the purposes of testing reliability and performance before moving into closed beta.

In addition, the ODE™ can be used to stage and test patches and new content before it goes into live production.

  • Access a virtualized environment where studios can add and remove virtual machines to test each layer of the architecture and how they interact with each other.
  • Gather valuable information on the performance of each instance to find bottlenecks allowing developers to achieve the highest number of players per server while maintaining a quality player experience.
  • Simulate a live environment to be able to test the impact that latency, throughput and IO will have on a live game.
  • Simulate how the game will behave under load to understand where any issues might be before players actually log on to the game.