Game Cred
No other company has as much game industry expertise for hosting and infrastructure technology. Our team has 10 years experience building development infrastructure for close to 100 different studios. We have built game publishing platforms where we deployed AAA online games including the integration of third party services, and the development of custom portals.
Anthony Brown, CEO
Anthony has been a gamer most of his life. During his early years, he loved to play board games and still has a large collection including a few rare classic collectors editions. As Co-Founder of Seven Group, Anthony was instrumental in making Seven Group the number one provider of studio infrastructure in a few short years. Not satisfied with simply building studios, he co-founded Infinite Game Publishing the publisher of MechWarrior online. In his spare time, Anthony designs games and of course, spends endless hours playing.
Don Bustin, CTO
With 20+ years as a technologist, Don is an expert in the successful delivery of complex technologies. As one of the co-founders of Infinite Game Publishing, he has designed and deployed state of the art publishing platforms for AAA games. In a rare free moment, Don can be found either designing or playing games, and he always has time for a spirited debate on just about any topic under the sun.